Dr. Burcham’s Philosophy

A common question arises regarding the safety of amalgam (an alloy of mercury with another metal) filling removal. This is a good indication of the informed awareness now present in our country. I’m pleased.

Here’s a question to we dentists: why would we by law not be able to place old removed fillings in our trash cans, and be forced to treat them as biohazard material?


  • Mercury is the second most neurotoxic reactive element on earth next to Uranium. (link) It’s a neurotoxin that when ingested, settles deep in the human tissue, and completely disintegrates any nerve cells in contact.
  • Mercury can then stay in the tissue to continually further damage neurons on a microscopic level. A single drop of mercury in an Olympic-sized pool will elevate the mercury levels to exceed governmental safe standards.

Fortunately, many of us have the genetic makeup to gradually rid our tissues of most mercury and heavy metal salts, excreting them in our urine. Unfortunately, researchers find this is not the case with all of us… everyone has different levels of natural detoxification and there are those that cannot naturally detoxify and suffer grave consequences.

You certainly are aware of published lists of neuro-diseases that affect our infant population in rising numbers. How long will the use of mercury, –a known neurotoxin– persist in dentistry without governmental notice?

The FDA and regulatory health departments in our government have also turned this blind eye to the looming dangers of dental mercury contamination in the human body. (link)

In the early 1980’s, I was shocked to find one day the news reported a school in Connecticut evacuated due to the breakage of a mercury thermometer in science class! Heck, we had played with the stuff barehanded in my early years, and now I was regularly placing it in my patients mouths. (50% of amalgam fillings are mercury; the rest is tin, silver, and copper or whatever the manufacturing companies decide).

Well, to say the least, mercury use stopped abruptly in my practice that month. I must say that I will continue to support the IAOMT researchers and their attempts to get the facts in front of the good people of the USA. You can visit their website at: http://iaomt.org

We are told by our national organization ADA, that the mercury in our fillings is locked up and non-reactive in that chemical state… This is proven scientifically to be untrue. (link)

Here’s their problem: If I were allergic to eggs would it be OK to place them in my cake mix?