Dr. Burcham offers the finest fitting, most beautifully designed porcelain veneers created today.

Veneers are literally thin layers of porcelain that can be bonded directly to the front of a patient’s tooth with little or no alteration of the original enamel. This revolutionary invention has changed the “face” of Dentistry.

Early attempts to create strong anterior porcelain required the tragic removal of virgin natural enamel and then utilized cemented thick porcelain crowns. We’ve all seen crowns that are worse than the problem they were meant to correct. Today, the scientific breakthrough in bonded porcelain allows for a very thin enamel substitute layered beautifully and bonded… virtually undetectable.

Veneers can be placed with relatively little reduction to a patients existing enamel and can achieve a strength comparable to that of natural enamel. Often this reduction is not necessary, however, the masking of deep dark stains may require otherwise.

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