Dr. Burcham brings with him years of experience in this field with thousands of successful cases in his portfolio. All cases have been able to achieve the goals set forth by following his careful tested and true guidelines.

One critical factor is his focus on the preservation of bite (chewing function) harmony. This discipline of dentistry can best be described with the use of photographs.

A lot of the time, patients are unaware they are damaging their teeth with habitual grinding or clenching. (PHOTO) They will often begin to realize what is happening only after severe cosmetic damage is done.

Good news –there is hope and predictability to bring to the design table. In the same line of thinking, there are also folks who have gone their lifetime with unsightly or broken teeth and wish to change their smiles. (PHOTO)

Either of these scenarios require a complete diagnosis to determine what caused the problem, and then begin the careful steps to reach their cosmetic goals.

You will see in the accompanying photos each of these categories and the lengths it takes to ‘reconstruct’ the smile of their dreams.

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