Although Dr. Burcham is not a board certified Orthodontist, he has delved deeply into this field completing a two year advanced post-graduate course in Orthodontics through the USDI (United States Dental Institute).

Dr. Burcham is fully qualified to handle cases best treated with the new technology of Invisalign. It is a comfortable way for his adult patients to achieve cosmetic alignment goals without the use of conventional braces and wires.

This discipline has its roots in the 3D proliferation in our modern computers. It would be impossible to predict or manage this advanced orthodontic method otherwise. Simply stated, the movement of crooked miss-aligned teeth into their intended proper arch form is accomplished through stepwise wearing of clear guide shims.

These multiple “shims” or ‘computer generated trays” merely nudge the teeth toward a desired position with small movements at a time until the goal is reached. Demonstrations of Dr. Burcham’s actual cases can be seen upon request.

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