There’s no one 2018 Mrs. Williamson County, Lyndsay Stafford, trusts with her smile more than Dr. Graham Burcham. That’s because Dr. Burcham’s cosmetic dentistry practice marries both art and science.

Cosmetic  dentistry has undergone a revolution in the past 35 years. With the invention of non-toxic materials that will bond non-metal porcelain and composite restorations to natural teeth, the world of cosmetic dentistry has blossomed. Gorgeous vital porcelain restorations are now at our fingertips.

Dr. Burcham has successfully designed and completed thousands of cosmetic dentistry procedures for his patients.

“This is one field of dentistry that I dearly love. It makes me happy. Not only can I witness the sheer joy bursting from a patient’s face when a cosmetic case is finished, but I receive a sense of deep fulfillment that inexplicably brightens my days.”

Dr. Burcham offers the finest fitting, most beautifully designed porcelain veneers created today.

He also offer porcelain crowns. Posterior restorations (fillings in the back of the mouth) originally required metal for strength. This metallic need has been eliminated with the use of zirconium or silicon-based restoratives.

Dr. Burcham specializes in each of these cosmetic dentistry services:


Smile Reconstruction


Ever since tooth whitening (tooth bleaching) has been available, Dr. Burcham has employed the state-of-the-art techniques. We offer a variety of up-to-date procedures to fit a patients individual needs. Each scenario involves the use of well-fitting ‘trays’ to assist the patient to boost effects at home in years to come.

Composite or White Fillings

Composite fillings are tooth colored restorations containing a combination of microscopic glass and porcelain particles in a stable matrix. Composites work well in small areas, or as a clean, dependable, foundation build-up material under new crowns. They also work well to close unsightly gaps in the front teeth for a fraction of the cost of porcelain.


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