It is a pleasure to come to this office. The staff is very pleasant, professional and skillful in their craft. Dr. Burcham is truly a skillful dentist. He is always pleasant and leaves one with a feeling of being in good care. – Nancy | Franklin, TN

Dr. Graham Burcham has been Downtown Franklin Tennessee’s trusted family dentist for the last 19 years and counting. Dr. Burcham brings with him a finely tuned knowledge and creativity to every patient he sees. The joy he finds in creating functional and beautiful restorations is evident in the detail, concern, and time spent crafting any of his restoratives, and in the care he gives dealing with complex individual situations.

dentist franklin tennesseeMy hope as I began my practice in this wonderful community, was to bring to Franklin a dentist’s office that reflected my conservative as well as my spiritual philosophy of life. Each patient should receive the finest of care and treatment as well as the potential to feel a welcomed part of our ‘family’.

I’ve been in the rat-race before. My low-volume schedule patient approach allows me to spend the quality time needed for many.

Academy Membership

Dr. Burcham is a member of IAOMT, (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology). becoming an early natural dentist since 1985, when he officially eliminated mercury containing materials forever from his Florida practice.

In 1985, his steadfast belief of the potential for severe toxicity in many of the widely used dental materials, led to his early membership in IAOMT, (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology).

In 1985, IAOMT was the first group of pioneers to champion the awareness and education of dentists, our general public, and our politicians, to the dangers of neurotoxicity of dental mercury.

History will look someday in retrospect to the naïveté of our scientific government agencies such as the FDA. For years, these organizations have thrown out common sense scientific principles and OK’d the widespread use of mercury compounds in many of our foods, medicines, or dental materials… thoughtless of lasting potential tragic damage to those receiving these chemicals.

Dr. Burcham’s philosophy turnaround on mercury toxicity still to this day flies in the face of the larger organized dental community, and led to his resignation of membership in the American Dental Association and its Tennessee and Florida Chapters.


Dr. Burcham often calls himself a “Balance Man.” This is a jovial way of referring to his emphasis on biologic harmony.

There exists a near-spiritual balance that occurs in the relationship between the masticatory movements of our jaws and our cranium.

“I often refer to the function of the jaws as a fine-tuned Swiss watch. You throw something as small as a grain of sand in the works and see what happens.”

Often in dentistry today the concept of balance is left out when placing restorative prosthetics (crowns, implants, fillings, etc.), and a patient can begin a long dysfunctional spiral which leads to TMJ disorders or years of migrane headaches. Dr. Burcham addresses these types of long-term dysfunctions daily in his practice.

Dental Practice

Dr. Burcham’s dentist office provides a variety of services to Middle Tennesseans, including cosmetic dentistry, smile reconstruction, and mercury removal. He provides dental hygiene exams and regular dental cleaning to patients of all ages.